Camille: Kryten, Red Dwarf's on board mechanoid rescues a female droid -Camille- from a crashed vessel. She's a 4000 series ust like him, only a GTi model with realistic toes and a slide-back sunroof head. Kryten fines himself falling in advanced mutual compatability on the basis of a primary ident (what humans call "love at first sight")only to find that true advanced mutual compatibility never runs in a non-glitch, bug-free way.

DNA: The crew find an abandoned craft containing the ultimate genetic engineering technology - a machine that can transform any living thing into any other living thing, bby re-writing it's DNA. A blessing or a curse? Then Lister's curry finds it's way into the transmogrifier and becomes as near human as Lister.

Justice: Innate justice does not exist anywhere except on Justice World, an anbandoned penal colony equipped with a "justice field" which inflicts the conseequences of any crime on its perpetrator. The innocent have nothing to fear. Rimmer does.

White Hole: Holly regains her genuis level IQ and for reasons best known to herself, powers down the ship, leavign the crew floating helplessly towards a white hole. Will Rimmer sacrafice himself to save the rest of the crew? You have to ask?

Deminsion Jump: In a universe almost exactly like our own, another Arnold Rimmer exists. A test pilot in the Space Corps, he is charming, popular, brave and modest. And after his plane brakes the speed of reality, he finds himself face to face with the Rimmer we all know and lo.... the Rimmer we all know.

Meltdown: A matter transporter whisks the crew to Waxworld - a giant theme park, where the wax droids have broken their programming and are runnning amok. Hitler, Caligula, and the Boston Strangler lead an army of darkness against the forces of Elvis, Gandhi and Stan Laurel